Look into the Capability Features of the Ram 1500

Are you trying to figure out which light-duty pickup truck will help you get your work done? Are you trying to find a popular truck that will be a good investment for you? Check out the capable Ram 1500 by coming to City Auto Plaza.

Towing power is important to someone like you and you would like to pull your camper behind your truck without a hint of a struggle. The Ram 1500 has the power to pull up to 12,750 pounds. The truck will handle pretty much any load that you choose to put behind it.

There is a special and well-designed suspension system that is available for the Ram 1500. If you are looking for something that will help you feel extra confident as you drive and all the more capable of pulling a big load, you can invest in the available Class-Exclusive Active-Level Four-Corner Air Suspension system.

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