What's the Deal with Those Extra 4WD Buttons?

Some of the most commonly asked questions we get at City Auto Plaza involve those extra four-wheel-drive controls you see on many newer cars. You might be asking yourself what they're for.

Four-High (4H) is a high-range mode that lets you drive at normal speeds. Have you ever found yourself slipping on Cañon City, CO roads when the weather gets bad? This mode can give you a little extra traction without hurting your top speed too much.

If you're dealing with serious stuff like heavy mud or going over rocks, then you need the four-low (4L) setting. You'll need to keep your speeds under around 40mph or so when using this mode.

Some cars come with a button that reads AWD. This is an automatic setting that lets your car switch the four-wheel drive option on whenever the onboard computer senses your vehicle is starting to slip. Even if you do have this, you won't want to leave it on all the time since it can waste fuel.

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