Difficult To Extreme 3.5-5.0

Experienced-expert drivers maybe equipped and looking for a more difficult trail. If this is the case in your world, then our 3.5-5.0 levels may be your next trip. These trails may require  challenging obstacles to be guided and spotted through as well as, high enough lift for clearance.  Requirements may also include 4-high, 4-low, sway bar disconnect, lockers, and may need to air down your tires. All of our ratings are suggested ratings for trail difficulty. Trails labeled to be levels 4.5-5 are NOT recommended for stock Wranglers, including stock Rubicons. These trails are very difficult and can involve heavy duty rock climbing that stock Jeeps DO NOT have clearance for. All of our suggested ratings info can be seen here. To view trails from 3.5-5.0 levels Click Here or see below for 3.5 and up trails. 

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          Grizzly Pass 3.5
          Iron Chest Mine 3.5
          Pearl Pass 3.5
          Reno Divide

Levels 3.5 and higher are defiantly trails to have some fun on. These trails are not suggested for drivers out on the trails for the first time or at least be sure to have someone with you in case of any tricky areas. We 
 recommend having experience and being able to be guided through areas of the trails.  These trails will include semi-deep ruts, med-large obstacles to go up or be guided through. Conditions will can also  include rocky, sandy or muddy surfaces that could be tricky to navigate through. Stock Rubicons can usually make it through these trails with ease, but you still need to be aware and use caution at all times to be safe.  Don't have a Rubicon? Our suggestion for 3.5 rated trails is at least a 2.5'' lift or higher for ground clearance, at least 31''-33'' tires and 4wd will be needed throughout the majority of these trails. 4-low may be needed in areas. Good time to try out your downhill assist in your jeep. A lot of these trails have areas to go around obstacles if your not quite set up yet.  Most of these trails also have multiple passing areas but majority of the trails are one vehicle width. Please be courteous and share the road when passing section come up. 
         Taylor Pass 3.5
         Tin Cup Old 3.5
         Tin Cup Pass 3.5
         Carnage Canyon 4-4.5
         Chinaman Gulch 4.5-5

RATED 4.0- 5.0
These trails are absolutely amazing and can give you a huge adrenaline rush!  While your out rock climbing you'll be going over not just rocks but huge boulders in areas. You'll get to get a front row seat to  Colorado's beautiful outdoors. Some of the trails seem to be extreme from start to finish. You'll also find some trails in the 4-5 rated areas that look fairly easy to get through. The reason for these trails are due to areas of the trail that don't have go around sections.  Certain areas have obstacles that without the proper setup & equipment it is impossible to get through. Stock jeeps are not suggested to attempt these areas. You will not have enough clearance for areas of these trails.  These trails you'll need to make sure you have plenty of ground clearance, tires are suggested to be 37'' or bigger. Some trails will post the minimum requirements to make it through.  Both lockers are apart of the requirements. Suggestions on these trails include strong winches, common used parts & tools to be taken with you, excellent driving skills & experience.  You're best to go in groups that can guide each other through areas of difficulty.  Without proper equipped vehicles these trails often fight back with areas that could cause vehicle damage, break down, rollover ect. Maybe your rig is not set up for these type of trails & that is totally fine. But if you find a date that groups are going out to these trails even as a spectator you'll be amazed watching the pros hit the trails. 


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