Fremont County Trails From 1-5.0 Ratings

Fremont County is a rock-crawling, trail riding paradise.  You'll find areas locally with level 1 trails all the way to level 5 trails!  We have everything from beautiful scenic drives to one of  Colorado's hardest trails.  

For some you may be interested in a nice & calm weekend drive. If that's you, Shelf road, phantom canyon, highway 9 are for you. You can just sit back and enjoy the view.  Others may be a ready to take it up a notch, Texas Creek, Red Canyon and 'The Bank' could be just what you're looking for.  But for the hardcore rock crawling groups, you can find trails that will defiantly test your skills right here in Penrose, CO.  Independence, Patriot & Liberty trails are NOT for your everyday driver stock Jeeps. Best Practices are to be prepared, guided through in groups, bring extra tools & common parts in case of a break down.  Proper experience & set ups required for these types of trails.  Whichever trail your interested in, City Auto Plaza has you covered to accessorize your current Jeep or set up your next Wrangler purchase.  


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