Medium To Hard Trails 2.5-3.0

With Colorado weather it can change the trails condition, and level of difficulty at anytime.  Make sure you're packed, prepared, and properly equipped, before hitting the  trails. The  new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL has 100's of options and accessories, to build the Jeep of your dreams and conquer the trails. Are you planning a summer trip and looking for adventure? Maybe you want to ride with complete sense of freedom.  It'll be easy, take off the doors, remove the tops, and let the air run through your hair. You can even be a rebel and fold down the windshield with four quick bolts. Use caution and always wear your seat-belts. 

These ratings are a little bit more difficult & include challenges that yes, stock jeep can usually complete. Please be aware & always drive safely
  over obstacles.  A lot of times trails that are rated 3 and higher don't have two vehicle width roads but have frequent passing areas available.  4wd is recommended for the majority of these trails but mostly 4-high.  Use of 4-low and lockers typically aren't needed here.  

Our Suggested 3.0 rating can be considered to be a little tricky. Some off-road experience is suggested or at least having someone to guide you through possible obstacles. Under Most Conditions you'll need 4wd.  Usually 4-high not much in 4-low.  Stock Rubicons  can usually make it through 3.0 rated trails without any issues. Some Other Jeep Wranglers may run into issues without the proper ground clearance vehicle damage can occur.  Please ride carefully and always be prepared for any of our temperamental Colorado weather conditions. 


  • Monday - Friday 08:00AM - 07:00PM
  • Saturday 08:00AM - 06:00PM
  • Sunday Closed