Easy Trails Rated 0-2.0

Sometimes you don't have to hit the trails to the extreme to have fun.  The Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator has models & upgrades for any situation. Every 19' Wrangler is engineered for  exceptional off-road performance, and the trail rated badge assures that wranglers can master the roads,terrains, & weather conditions when equipped accordingly to trail obstacles.  In your new trail rated Wranglers you're in command of exclusive, authentic four-wheel drive capability.  Move forward with confidence to see what Colorado is really made of. 

The zero rating usually includes county dirt roads with minor rutted areas. Roads are suggested to able to go in  2wd and enough clearance  with stock jeeps. 4wd is a possibility on these trails but not as likely with good weather conditions. The "One" ratings is also dirt roads but with only light maintenance with small obstacles & more ruts are possible. Usually trails are able to be ran in 2wd with a higher chance of needed 4wd every now and then in areas.   
This rating includes trails suggested to have mre rutted & washed out areas. Possible mud and small water crossings (6-8inches or less) depending on weather conditions. 4wd is reccomended under most circumstances unless great weather occurs then 2wd is possible in areas with proper ground clearance.  


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